Knight is the ECDC’s liaison to the Ridgefield Office of Emergency Management, and also serves as Ridgefield’s representative to the Region 5 Long Term Recovery Committee for Business and Jobs. Ridgefield, CT • Senior Watch Officer in the Office of Emergency Management during hurricane Irene, Nor’ Easter Alfred, Hurricane Sandy and winter storm Nemo. “We already escalated to Region 5,” Knight said. “The message is we’re going to try and help. Mike Handschin, Director. “That pertains to services, that pertains to retail, that’s restaurants.”. This includes replacing supplies depleted during the pandemic and gathering enough supplies to last an extended period should we experience a serious weather event in Ridgefield. "Unfortunately, it has been reported to us that due to COVID-19 mutual aid has been slow. The Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) from the Ridgefield Office of Emergency Management (OEM) recommends that the community gets ready by making a preparedness plan. “Now the building is for sale.” Knight said. Main Street welcomes shoppers this holiday season, with social distancing practiced at businesses. State Emergency Management Director, William J. Hackett. ... Town of Ridgefield, CT, Ridgefield Economic & Community Development Commission, Odeen's BBQ, Hello Fairfield County Social Media, … Complementary Public Wi-fi, Elevator, Security System, Emergency Generator, Excellent Parking, On Site Management Company. “And we’re going to move faster if we do everything locally,” he said. Wish Upon a Star ... Holiday Wishes Do Come True! "Because I have been extremely careful in following all the directives, this is a reminder of how aggressive this virus is," Marconi said in a statement … “We’ve gotten word privately some landlords have worked with tenants, and they don’t want that publicized,” he said. Address: 515 Church Street, Ridgefield, NJ 07657. The local business problems have been taken to regional and also state emergency management officials. Ambulance Corps. (Shutterstock) RIDGEFIELD, CT — The town's Office of Emergency Management is warning residents to batten down their hatches in advance of a tropical storm forecast to move through the area. ... shared kitchen and waiting area. “We’re hearing a swell form the business community, from tenants, saying they’re having a hard time working with their landlords. RIDGEFIELD, CT — Four more residents have tested positive for the new coronavirus, Health Director Ed Briggs confirmed on Thursday. “The biggest challenge is financial resources are hard to come by right now for businesses,” Knight said. Knight is the ECDC’s liaison to the Ridgefield Office of Emergency Management, and also serves as Ridgefield’s representative to the Region 5 Long Term Recovery Committee for Business and Jobs. Have a "go bag" ready if there is a need to evacuate. What happens next? And that’s what we’re in the process of gathering for the state.”, People, businesses, non-profit entities with situations they’d like to discuss may contact Knight at his town email address: Your emergency plan should include one gallon of water per person per day for 7 to 14 days; non-perishable and easy to prepare food for 7 to 14 days; and medications, pet supplies, portable radio, lantern, extra batteries, an extra phone charger, cash on hand, and a full tank of gas. “That’s my charge: to try and get some relief from the state,” Knight said. RIDGEFIELD, CT — The town's Office of Emergency Management has reported that 77 percent of Ridgefield is without power as of 2:30 Wednesday afternoon. To learn more about how to prepare your home, your family and your community go to: website or follow page on Facebook; website or follow American Red Cross Facebook page. Ridgefield, Connecticut. But playing hardball can backfire for landlords. The Office of Emergency Management announced Sunday that the Ridgefield Golf course will be open on Monday, April 27: "Please go to: for details. Town of Ridgefield Office of Emergency Management Social Media: Facebook: ridgefieldoem Ridgefield Public Schools: Danbury Hospital Coronavirus hotline: 888-667-9262. $650/month 136sqft. Have important phone numbers readily available including Eversource to report power outages: (800)286-2000. The best solutions are going to come out of the local community. Residents are encouraged to sign up to receive coronavirus messages on the Connecticut Alert website. Bridgeport Police said there would be an increased police presence at Bridgeport Central High School on Wednesday, Feb. 26, after the threat was made overnight on the popular social media site, said Scott Appleby, director of the Office of Emergency Management & Homeland Security/Emergency … (Shutterstock) RIDGEFIELD, CT — The Office of Emergency Management has set a regular schedule for video updates, and is advising residents on additional closings of town facilities. Have an out of town contact person who can update family members and share information. Susan Campbell: Time is now, right for women leaders, ‘Losing the best mayor’: Danbury reacts to Boughton’s exit, Lawmakers look to curb gun violence after Hearst CT series, Border woes focus of CT producer Geer’s lastest holiday film, Colin McEnroe’s script for ‘A Christmas Carol, 2020’, Colin McEnroe: Stop celebrating, the pandemic isn’t over yet, Date set for COVID vaccine in CT; caretakers first, ‘A voice not unlike that of God’ Danbury actor dies at 93, Bethel developer to fight denial of affordable housing plans. Emergency Management Organizational Chart. White House warns CT privately COVID-19 risk at ‘historic high’, The White House Coronavirus Task Force placed Connecticut in the red zone for new cases and new deaths, warning “we are in a very dangerous place.”. Live streams with updates from the town's Office of Emergency Management are scheduled for Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays … Title 28 of the Connecticut General Statutes places coordination and implementation of a statewide comprehensive emergency management program within the Division of Emergency Management and … Ridgefield is ready for this year's hurricane season. “It’s our responsibility as economic development commission to be a voice for voiceless, and advocate for them.”, Ridgefield businesses are hurting, but help is coming, Photo: Macklin Reid / Hearst Connecticut Media. St. Stephen’s Carols by Candlelight Goes On – Virtually! In a tough year, many business could use help. The Office of Emergency Management thanks the Boys and Girls Club for their help in packaging and distributing nearly 3,500 masks to local businesses today. Click above to download and learn more about it. The Ridgefield Office of Emergency Management reported First Selectman Rudy Marconi has tested... 12 3. This year, due to Covid-19, it is advised to include hand sanitizer, mask, gloves, and toilet paper. “Our business owners in town, the owners that are hurting, are putting on a brave face,” he said. “Go to local businesses this holiday seasons,” he said. The state will be the conduit for any money that comes from federal acts passed by Congress to help in the pandemic-related economic emergency. This is the User Account for the Ridgefield Emergency Management Page. “A lot of our shops and businesses, they feel voiceless, like no one’s got their back,” he said. The Town of Fairfield's Emergency Management Team includes the First Selectwoman, the Fire Chief (who is the Town's Emergency Management Director), the Police Chief, DPW Director, top officials and staff of other Town agencies and the Superintendent of the Fairfield Public Schools. “What’s inspiring is that businesses of all shapes and sizes are being nimble and adapting,” Knight said. “The funds and services will flow through the state Department of Emergency Management to various local offices of emergency management,” he said. The town emergency management office announced that the number of COVID-19 cases in Ridgefield reached 140 on Monday, April 20. “And I think the overarching message is: If you can buy it online, you can probably buy it in town,” he said. “... We’re at a state of potentially losing a lot of businesses in our community,” Knight added while addressing fellow members of Ridgefield’s Economic and Community Development Commission (ECDC) Monday night, Dec. 7. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA) reports that this year (June 1 thorough November 30) will be an active one. “In theory it would flow to meet unmet needs in our community, whatever those unmet needs are. Please note the following information: 'I Wish They Could See': Health Care Workers Tired, Demoralized. Newtown leaders looking to transform downtown Sandy Hook... Thanksgiving to blame for rising COVID-19 cases in Danbury. The pandemic has spawned the economic equivalent of a hurricane or tornado, destroying things people spent their lives building. Have generators inspected and make sure those that are portable are used in a safe location—away from the house. Knight is the ECDC’s liaison to the Ridgefield Office of Emergency Management, and also serves as Ridgefield’s representative to the Region 5 Long Term Recovery Committee for Business and Jobs. News Release Submitted by Beverly Barnard - CERT Volunteer. RIDGEFIELD, CT — Officials have reported a third death in Town due to the new coronavirus, and eight new positive cases reported in the past 24 hours. Nantucket Garden Designer Seeking Estate Cottage/Garage Apartment, Food Safety And Nutrition Questions Answered By Experts At Consumer Reports, Mancinone Signs National Letter of Intent With SCSU, Ridgefield Rotary Club Announces Online Raffle. Town of Ridgefield Office of Emergency Management Social Media: Facebook: ridgefieldoem Ridgefield Public Schools: Danbury Hospital Hotline: 888-667-9262 Trim trees and shrubs and assess other potential hazards around your home. Remember to update your go bag, especially outdated medications. “Region 5 has decided to kick that up to the governor’s office, to see if maybe there would be an executive order.”. Ridgefield Town Hall: (203) 431-2700; Danbury Hospital: (203) 739-7000; Ridgefield Health Department: (203) 431-2745; Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) The Ridgefield Connecticut Community Emergency Response Team was organized in 2007 by career officers and volunteer members of the Department of Emergency Management – a component of the Ridgefield Fire Department. Make a pet plan: Have pet needs including rabies certificates in case of evacuation. Monitor local radio stations: 850AM-WREF; 800AM-WLAD, 880AM-WCBS, 98.3FM-WDAQ, 95.1FM-WRK1. The accelerated pace of confirmed infections has caused Office of Emergency Management to call for wider notification and stricter enforcement of social … Police are out in force at a Fairfield County high school after a threat was made on Snapchat. Ridgefield is a beautiful, colonial town of approximately 24,300 people in the foothills of the Berkshire Mountains in central Fairfield County, Connecticut. Now is the time to make sure that you and your family are ready too. This, coming on the heels of the ongoing pandemic changes the way residents need to prepare. Due to the pandemic, Regional Red Cross Shelters, of which Ridgefield is one, will not be able to handle the normal amount of people who might need sheltering.
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