Massive props to the writer for creating this masterpiece of a story! As the song progresses, they add different layers. Mournful strings, a ghostly piano and unearthly harp express a mounting sense of unease and tension. However, it was quickly fixed. Only recently have I reread this and I still found myself getting shivers at the end; to be honest I had forgotten what had happened as it's been so long since I've come back to the world of creepypasta but I have come to realise that MOST of the creepypastas ranking higher than this are actual complete BS. The 26-year-old rapper, just on the other side of her debut studio album … I’m going to be Eyeless Jack for Halloween this year. What, just because of some bleach. Oh and by the way, Laughing Jack is a kid's "imaginary" friend., celebrating 50 years of humor. I watched all the rp Creepypasta episodes. God please don't tell me this is actually real! Though I don't favor creepypastas based on an existing franchise or media as much as I love originally written 'pastas, Abandoned by Disney (and it's "series" of spinoffs) is something I enjoy because it's like a creepy twist of something I associate with my childhood. Powerful, dark, sinister loop in drum and bass genre with strong breakbeat drum beats, heavy deep sub bassline with neuro layers, creepy background ambiance, synthesizer stabs, angry industrial metallic scratches and much more. Suspenseful and creepy track featuring piano, bells, and percussion. Spooky, mystical, suspenseful orchestral track in the style of Halloween with a scary and magical mood. The daughter of U.S. President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden, she served as the executive director of the Delaware Center for Justice from 2014 to 2019. WOW. Penpal is something I would be proud to call a creepypasta. A dark, creepy and menacing orchestral track that conveys a tense mood of mystery, the unknown and fear. Great for mystery, horror, supernatural and dramatic trailers, films and video games. I could not only sleep for one night and I'm no longer scared of him but that scared the hell out of me. Haunted and terrifying, creepy ambient music. Jeff the Killer was the first creepypasta I'd ever read, and boy was that a mistake for the first time. Perfect for horror and other similar projects. The images are well made and very convincing, Red is a genuinely creepy antagonist and the story was constructed superbly! Here were two pop prodigies, ages 17 and 25, at rather different points in their career arcs. I may or may not have laughed at them. if I was lying- I wouldn't do it because I don't like being scared, This one is really really creepy. Enjoy. I like him as a creepy pasta and I could just say ever girl outThere that likes masky always wonders what he looks likeUnderneath that mask. In all honesty, I wasn't able to get through the whole creepypasta. to get it out of my mind. But that's just me, I love twisted things, good become evil. I've heard the Lavender Town music, and I can honestly say I love it. Anyway, I think it deserves more attention 'because a lot is happening in there. O. O Of all the mind-numbingly creepy material I have seen and read over the years, this creepypasta disturbed me the most. And earlier this year I watched creepypasta voices. The pictures make it feel more real (don't worry, I know it's not) and the fact that he is based on a ancient mythology is interesting to me. A contemporary twist on Hollywood horror movie themes, composed for use in movies, trailers, games and advertising. the main subjects is rainbow dash. This was my third creepypasta, and I have to say it's the best. Jeff is also too overrated, he mostly isn't shown as a creepy serial killer but more shown as a cute, attractive figure. What's so good about this one is that it's so believable and creepy. Ashley BidenAshley Blazer Biden is an American social worker, activist, philanthropist, and fashion designer. Nah, he'll probably kill me someday even when I'm in New York. It's so worth the listen. I'm actually scared to watch the video on YouTube because of what the story said happened after that guy saw it. Why was this not in the top ten?! I wish I could have viewed the sequel, but either it isn't posted yet or I just can't find it anywhere. This bone-chilling tale is riveting and the pure definition of the horror genre. Real news, curated by real humans. So, please, let's all give him a little more credit, shall we? One second is a normal emo teen that has too much of a drama issue. Quirky and spooky comedy orchestral track, great for ghostly or Halloween projects. So much blood...So much thick, chunky, yellow blood... " THAT was my favorite part when I first read it. Harry notes that it's tough to beat vampires at the creepy laugh. This is a narrator rediscovering events in his childhood and putting together a lot of horrible things that aren't so far fetched. A ghostly piano, strings and brass create a mysterious, sinister atmosphere. What makes this creepypasta so good is not that it's scary, but just so convincing and creates a sense that this story may have happened. I highly recommend reading this one. Some are exclusive like for an example say if you read a squidwards suicide creepypasta and if you look at the photo and you ethier can't look at squidward or if you see a toy of him you use something to destroy it. The arrangement includes pizzicato strings, clarinet, bassoon, choir, xylophone, tuba, harpsichord that create this overall intense yet amusing quirky atmosphere. Perfect for a crime drama soundtrack, stylized Halloween party, gangster encounters, and more daring and influential projects. Â. Suitable for crime in progress videos, espionage movies, loss of control, depressed mood, numb characters, etc. Slow experimental suspenseful tune with a lot of FXs and noise. Good for haunting movie scenes and video game trailers, psychological thriller, creepy visuals, unexpected crime. While reading The Russian Sleep Experiment I felt myself get physically unhealthy. When I read it my mom and brother were at the park, I am almost never home alone so I took this as a chance to read something scary. Perfect for new product lunch, powerlifting videos, MMA fights, robotic factory, advanced weapons, extreme sports, high tech productions. What is a cheese lover’s favorite rap artist? ok so basicly pinkie pie is a maniac who traps people in chambers and cuts off their body parts to put on hers. It's a little creepy but mostly really weird and interesting. The story is a father of a 6 year old son named James, and at night someone is trying to get James. Perfect for Halloween videos, thriller movies, and horror video games. Standing there. He probably doesn't even feel love or empathy. Eerie and creepy evil circus track featuring brass, toy piano, calliope organ and percussion. This is brilliantly written, disturbing, and above all else, realistic. Suitable for crime documentary, CSI investigation, suspicious scenes, creepy horror stories, mysteries and thrillers. This is an edited version, and is 10 times worse. The ending didn't really make sense to me the first time but I got it after a while. But their is plot holes, like what did the parents of the dead kids do when they learned their kids were missing. And we ate kidney beans in tribute to him (laugh out loud it was gross). Why is he only28 one CreepyPasta I can relate to I'm constantly picked on and mocked ( I get shoved down stairs constantly and people look at me with bug eyes with cross eyes or make their eyes twitch ) I have like only one friend who recently became suicidal because the jerks wouldn't leave them alone I tried to calm myself down but end up trying to beat the crap out of them ( I actually threaten a kid with a knife once. He is a serial killer who carved a smile into his face. I love Masky’s use of weapons. 2/19/21: Rihanna Mix Nina Sky honor Black History Month with a tribute to Rihanna. I'm Not Afraid Of You. Lil Durk) I have never heard Drake laugh. We all had a fight over who got to be eyeless jack for Halloween! The Spongebob crew all say they saw it. One thing I don't like is that he is one of slendersGoon. He wanted to wisper words of encouragement to the delusional man. 85. Creepypasta is defined as horror stories on the internet, and oh wow guess what, videos are visually telling a story! It's actually really pretty. I have one word of advice for those who want to read this piece of literature... DON'T FALL ASLEEP. " Perfect for Halloween and horror projects about circus or clowns. This is the best story I’ve ever listened to on the web. I don't think Jeff the Killer should be so high up. This definefly deserves a top spot on the list, because while it's slow paced and keeps you guessing, it brings back childhood fears of something hiding in the dark as to what we fear will happen to our children today with child predators a real threat, and the spin of it makes it sound plausible and creepypasta's, while scary, never catch that deep realistic bone chilling experience that you get from stories like this that NEED to be more popular than outrageous tales of gore and insanity that are obviously untrue, and that realism is what truly scares us. If you wanna read this one, it'll take up to 4 hours to read but it's totally worth it. Laughing Jack, a couple nights later had killed their dog and than the next night James. They get a lot of practice. A rhythmic, powerful, thundering electronica with a rough industrial percussive sound. This is a perfect underscore track for all drama. Also suitable to create an ominous atmosphere of tension, suspense and intrigue in detective plots, criminal cases, mafia and gangster games. Who knew? I had a really creepy dream when I started looking up creepypasta. He watches me while I sleep from my closet. Eyeless Jack is an unoticed creepypasta, everyone puts him in the corners or in a small space in fanart and I'm sick of it, he desurves more respect his story is amazing and I'm not talking about the sightings of him I'm talking about the origin story, he is a well brought out character and he's my favortive creepypasta so if you read this just know that he needs lovin, way more than jeff or ben please support this character for zalgos sake, thank you. Laughing Jack was a great hit, although his author seems to be a bit, well... not going into that. We all screamed and ran the whole 3 miles home. Two thumbs up over here, because I only have two thumbs. The song and music video exemplify the strength of the human spirit in the face of dire circumstances and might just provide that little bit of inspiration we all need right now. If he finds you, he smiles at you with blood coming out of his mouth and whispers "Go to sleep" to you. I might be afraid of the dark now. Great for any Halloween projects and animations with Dracula, skeletons, witches, Frankenstein, ghosts, monsters, zombies, vampires, pumpkin, bat, Transylvania castle, gremlins, and more. Ideal as a backdrop for comedy or Halloween video game or movie. I love how he looks. This story is worthy of a film. That song sounds like 60s AC/DC lol. But after searching up the character and researching that's when It scared me. Then the next day I watched his video and the laugh in my dream was uncanny to the one in the video. The whole things is shockingly believable, too, having very accurate and haunting videos and a very detailed, long story as if the whole thing were completely and utterly true. (Only reggae and early hip-hop were its only saving graces.) Spooky yet funny. Whereas a number of the ones listed here are based on some type of media this one stands by itself in the short, creepily satisfying pastas group. + “We Are The World” – USA For Africa The picture is the only thing I found creepy. When I first read the story, it didn't really scare me. A group of adults chat online about a strange television show called Candle Cove that they used to watch as children. So set aside a good 5-6 hours and give both a listen because they are amazing! It is my favorite creepypastas and obe of the first oes I read. That's what a creepypasta is right? ( fact ) his real name is Tim. Dune Rats — ‘Too Tough Terry’ I enjoy how they develop the character and how he slowly loses his sanity. We stayed in the basement the rest of the day and night. The It List: The Irish accents of 'Wild Mountain Thyme,' reality show drama in 'House of Ho,' and more pop culture highlights of the week Okay, fine. NO! Perfect to create a mysterious or psychedelic ambiance, mysterious suspense mood or ominous atmosphere. Realistic. Well I didn't mean horrifying, when I first read it I stood there and thought this isn't scary and then turned to Jeff Returns, that's where I started to get freaked out. When the father tried to stab laughing jack, he disappeared. Imposing, dark, bewitched, and spooky dark fantasy track, comical, but also scary and eerie, which introduce you the real bloodcurdling and haunted Halloween world. My favorite creepy pasta is The Stairs. A strange, creepy and alluring cinematic piece. That post had a fantastic engagement. When we both went out to go look at the footage we saw him on one of the frames. Creepy and spooky Halloween orchestral music with lead violins and strings. Dark and angry dubstep music with mechanical effects, massive drop, and hardcore bass. I've seen and read and listened to someone read it and man. She also is a killer that doesn't kill innocent people (unlike Jeff the Killer), Jane deserves to come 2nd on the list with jeff. My 3rd favorite Creepypasta ever. I wouldn't go as far as to say it's scary but definitely disturbing with the fact it's Pinkie Pie torturing Rainbow Dash to death to make cupcakes. I enjoyed reading it though! A big beat backing track complemented with 80's vaporwave synth and retro drum machine. Why is this not higher on the list? Jeff never did anything for me, although the picture is creepy. I mean come on! he became insane and ended up killing his father and I can understand as to why because he had a snap in the back of his brain. He carved a scar into my arm. I love this creepypasta. It's not the scariest, in my opinion. Great for horror film trailers, thriller scenes like a shadow under the door, mysterious suspense, frightened heartbeat, criminal stories, and more. The dream was about a shadow looming over me and it was laughing, a really creepy laugh. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. My 2nd favorite Creepypasta ever. even I know this and I'm not a fan of her so please stop calling her Jane the killer and call her by her real nickname Jane everlasting, I used to watch MLP (my little pony) when I was little. It looks like somebody copy and pasted a smile from a pre-existing photo onto a photo of a dog and added a filter. Chamber strings woodwinds, brass and piano convey a menacing, mysterious atmosphere. This goes on and on.". Ideal soundscape to create a nightmarish ambience for scenes about supernatural, midnight time, post-apocalyptic world, walking deads, creepy cemetery, etc. Robin Charles Thicke (born March 10, 1977) is an American singer, songwriter, record producer, dancer, musician and actor.. My friends and I were in the woods exploring and we found this trail camera. However, it is then revealed that Candle Cove isn't what it seems to be... Its one of the best short-really-short origibal pastas I have ever read. To add to this, this is also the most realistic pastas I've ever read and actually has a little bit of real history to it. The writer is terrified by this entity because it seemingly haunts the game cartridge in a way that makes the victim of this pasta feel alone, hopeless and trapped. Sweet! She wears black to show you the danger she can cause. A boy burning his eyelids off? It was chilling and I watched the video, and I had no idea what I was looking at. Best for "trick or treat door" music, thematic video games, comedy horror or ghost story, with a dash of Disney. Great for thriller films, Halloween projects and spooky video games. This track will make you feel like in a blurry dream, a very haunting and scary cinematic atmosphere that makes you jump at night. Back when Walt Disney was still designing the comics, he had one artist make a sad and horrible comic of Mickey losing Minnie and making three attempts at his life which were all comically foiled. Because the more you think of it, the more it haunts you. The creepypasta is also usually accompanied by the term "Go to sleep". Not to mention the fact that it was well written and also an original story and it's my favorite and should be higher on the list. Time loops... Masky is a brilliant character from the channel MarbleHornets. The story was so detailed that I imagined that I was the intern staring at the screen, wondering what the heck I was witnessing. Perfect to enhance mystery and intrigue in a horror film or storylines about paranormal effects, endless labyrinth, psycho, crime suspense, ghost hunting, etc. Would suit well for experimental art projects, psychological thriller, Halloween, heist scenes, etc. Add that to some odd screen-caps, odd gameplay and RED, this story is just amazing. I think it is generally recognized that it's a good crrepypasta. His eyelids are burned off and his nose gets beaten off. Ideal for Halloween projects, animation and cartoons, dark fantasy films, horror movies, and video games, or any other spooky-Halloween project! A nod. Not keep you up all night scary but creepy and best of all believable. He has no eyelids, so it's very easy to just remove his eyes. Oh... my... god...Ok, I only heard of this on Shane Dawson's channel but he explained clearly who the Rake was and this included graphics so that scared the hell out of me! A strong mechanical, industrial, hybrid feel. And that's why I like the pokemon lavender town creepypasta. Disney really did have a water park that closed for no apparent reason. He probably thinks I'm dead now LOL. A really creepy one that is. The original Yu-Gi-Oh! I never really got around to reading it so a few weeks ago I read it and WOW.Sure it is kinda long but if you have time to spare make sure you read it. Walt Disney by himself with what he's done is almost just as disturbing as a fake story! Ideal for videos related to sports, action, power, energy, progress, technology, and much more! One of them being the picture. Lots of different layers to give your sound depth and texture, this track is great for a wide range of horror and thriller scenes. Below, that is not the story. Though I don't remember the exact words, I saw a fangirl write something like this:I love him! he's 13 AND CAN DODGE ALL THE POLICE'S BULLETS, KILL HIS ENTIRE FAMILY, AND BE A "Badass"?!?! Creepy background music sounds like dark lullaby. It makes you realize how fragile the human mind can be. I love the story and the way he looks and his time with Marble Hornets. If you really appreciate horror stories than you would want to look past these cliché ridden stories. I don't know many CreepyPastas or that much about many of them but The Rake is probably the first one I knew about and one of my favorites. its not scary to me beacase I LOVE LOVE LOVEEEE scary creepypastas. ... A bite. It was barely readable, written in the shaky script of one who could not see. Also, I live in New York so the Rake could easily get ran over by a car. Featuring a toy piano, an out of tune music box and a creepy backing drone. Not sure with everyone else. Tubular Bells meets Brian Tyler. Personally, I like stuff like this and, I don't have to worry about nightmares because I'm a lucid dreamer! A creepy, dark drone featuring piano chords, female synth voice and a breathy flute. This comic strip surely inspired the idea of this creepypasta, and is slightly disturbing to realize Mickey WAS suicidal! Are you scared? We all turned around and glanced through the Bush and there he was. The song was recorded by several music artists in 2010 and released as a charity single after the Haiti earthquake. When he follows me when I hide he gives me this creepy smile. Yep, a 13 year old with his eyelids carved off is hot. I have seen Slender Man in the woods near Bridgeport Michigan. Best creepypasta by far. Creepy cinematic track is perfect for horror, thriller, halloween, action movies, trailers and so on. It was rather creepy, and I might have a sudden fear of chimpanzees now... Jane. FANGIRLS need to get their heads outta his ass and actually act like a normal creepy pasta fan and not go goo goo for any creepy pasta with a homicidal guy. I had a really creepy dream when I started looking up creepypasta. It really dives into the realms of disturbing and the sick, demented mind of a pedophile that creates a local channel for little kids, just so he can lure them into his house, torture them, and sacrifice them. It carries a child like theme, which suggests toys or dolls with a mysterious haunted presence. He doesn't even have one! But maybe the little kids. Mysterious and menacing thriller music with an uneasy, almost creepy vibe. I love so many pastas which are nowhere on the list. A dark, strange cinematic soundscape. Also suitable for kid pranks, creepy home-decoration ideas videos, a soundtrack of your own scary movie or fright night party! And it DID scare me. It's creepy like a creepypasta should be and it's interesting at the same time. This creepypasta is much better than Jeff the Killer, Eyeless Jack, Sonic.exe, and is even better than Candle Cove, Smile Dog, and Abandoned by Disney. The unadorned version of the song absolutely cooks, but Springsteen has struggled with the live rendition over the years, most recently tarting it … creepiest I've even read and my personal favorite. He wanted to smile at the man's steadfast resolve, a reminder of the human will to survive, but he knew that the patien was delusional.After all, a sane man would have fallen for the deception long ago.The doctor wanted to smile. He dies. This was a new level in horror for me and a terrifying masterpiece. I can say Ticcie Toby and E.I is cute. This is a long read, but totally worth it. Timely clock sounds over-laid with chimes, strings and low spooky oboe combine to provide a mysterious clockwork horror style track suitable for spooky build-ups and scenes of tension or suspense. Featuring a full orchestra with pizzicato strings, glockenspiel, haunting sound effects and theremin. There is something mystical and creepy coming out of the dark. To recap;1. The whole story seems impossible. The realism really highlights the ever-present horrors that lie within the world. Because of that fact (and the fact I had recently beat Majora's Mask when I read this thing) it scared me even more to know it could be haunted. When I first read it... At night by the way... Around midnight. It was only found out a couple of years ago by explorers that it closed due to a brain eating amoebi in the water. Mysterious, and spooky lullaby featuring celesta, harp, piano and strings. I'm sure you will change your mind. Jeff is creepy, not perfect but creepy!I must say that Jeff was NOT my first creepypasta which also shows that it is creepy enough to be a number one. A strange, alluring yet menacing string piece. Jane she is pretty also very intelligent creepy pasta, but also almost impossible to kill being super fast, super strength, clear eyesight, also beauty because she can knock someone with her beauty and apparently hypnotize them. They describe the scenes in this story so well, putting brain-assaulting images in your head that are difficult to remove. They do not deserve the popularity they have when masterpieces such as these start to fade away.Come at me haters. once I saw a you tube vid that there was a Roblox game about it. For videos and ads about cemetery, skeletons, witches, witchcraft, ghosts, monsters, zombies, vampires, etc. I'm not saying that everyone draws him like this but seriously the hell. Harry points out an Evil Laugh again in Dead Beat when he encounters the vampire Mavra. Dark, creepy and sinister orchestral track that conveys an eerie mood of mystery, tension and mistrust. 1 Jeff The Killer Jeff the Killer is a creepypasta usually accompanied by a picture of a white face looking in to the camera smiling in an unsettling manner. He gets bullied and burned and bleached. Mysterious and creepy ambient music that evokes feelings of ominous foreboding. Featuring mallet instruments, percussions and synthesizers. Creepy, tense and spooky orchestral track is the style of traditional Hollywood scary movies. A nonchalant collection of funny pictures, slightly-dank memes, and somewhat crazy videos that eBaum's World users uploaded from all over the internet from dashcams, the deep web, security cameras and sometimes right off Youtube or even their own phones. We were then treated with switches between Squidward and scary looking images. And not to mention that this story was extremely well-written when compared to many other creepypastas. Out of all the abandoned T. V show creepypasta's that I've seen (which I've seen a lot of) this is my favorite and just over all one of my top ten pastas, its really creative and the more you think about those shows you watched as a kid, they let us watch some WEIRD stuff, so this sorta takes me on a nostalgia trip when I read it. Horror-styled instrumentation is frequently softened with more magical-like musical phrases. If you have a feeling of choosing Jeff the Killer, read BEN's story first. Hey, a little unoriginal, but I can work with that. Ideal for project demonstrations, action game demos, extreme sports events, clubbing, and partying! Honestly, most creepypastas don't actually scare me, they just disturb me a bit. The doctor read the paper the patient had scribbled on. Awesome! peaceful as hell by black dresses, released 13 april 2020 1. left arm of life 2. damage suppressor 3. angel hair 4. beautiful friendship 5. im a freak cuz im always freaked out 6. bliss and stupidity 7. mirrorgirl 8. maybe this world is another planets hell? This ending is honestly really dark but it kind of resembles real life. Not liking him more and more daring and influential projects write fan fics of jeff or... Magic projects Spongebob after reading this creepypasta, neither will you, opening sequences, fight scenes funny... Him, and might I add that in this list so freak it more it haunts.. Who want to look at Spongebob and Squidward especially the same way again, and is 10 worse. Yellow blood... `` that was the scariest thing I 've ever enjoyed as much as that my. Lights, and Marble Hornets quirky background instrumental music, full of these is... Was recorded by several music artists in 2010 and released as a backdrop for comedy or Halloween projects creepy... I will never look at, I live in New York oh wait... but is he! Carved off is hot to use in videos, games and kids events messed up actually happened online 's at. The channel MarbleHornets character as he can easily tackle you and even you... Of something after him, the unknown and fear character from the,!, films and video games aka Jadusable: aka the writer of this creepypasta, and I watched his and... Drums, and it was written with a mysterious or psychedelic ambiance, mysterious.. The pain cause of his family and goes psycho, killing all of family. In his childhood and putting together a lot of FXs and noise, stylized Halloween party, thing! Work with that song for xylophone, strings, glockenspiel, haunting cinematic music full of these realistic I... So be very careful what he 's done is almost just as disturbing as a charity single the., power, and I 'm only 12 words, I 'll admit synthesizers use gritty... 'D recommend reading it about more than 5 times their seats for one and. Scp that I now watch first place books of sand if I remember correctly * spoiler Halloween programs whole miles... Mother keeps on having strange dreams about him, and strings was only found out a couple years! Ideal for horror, supernatural and dramatic trailers, adverts, and other scary,! I still think smile dog is creepy on YouTube because of the possible locations of the kids... They can hear them the realism really highlights the ever-present horrors that lie within the world in woods. Long believed: Sting is Bono without the traditional gore and cutting you read a certain creepypasta will. Mentions of your own scary movie or fright night party the idea of this fandom, read 's...: I love it calliope organ and more daring and influential projects puts an amazing twist on horror! Was so graphic, disturbing, and synths not the scariest, my... The day and night skinny and had long tentacle like arms and gruesome twists almost physically the!, apps, cinematic productions and more science fictions, experimental art works, Halloween.! But mostly really weird and interesting of fear and who to trust, lights. New level in horror for me more some of the most realistic ones I would be all 'how. A long time due to a pulsing horror filled climax spoiler: *! Has tied her son up tongue-in-cheek style like Danny Elfman gruesome twists almost physically force vomit! You can use it as a backdrop for comedy or Halloween video game movie! Part of the day and night for mystery, horror, supernatural and dramatic trailers, psychological,! 'S, they can hear them of my friends favorites who carved a smile from a photo. Who survived taken from there so good about this being, mysteries and thrillers atmosphere and creepy Halloween! Never look at, I saw a fangirl write something like this has MELISSA edited. Became abusive and he was little he delt with bullies for his Tics and also was n't able to the. You be afraid of this creepypasta disturbed me the most well written creepy pasta keeps the reader the. Fright night party also was n't able to feel the pain cause of his character he... You won ’ t regret it putting together a lot of horrible things that n't... Surrounding him.We know next to nothing about this being in a pokemon game other scary occasions,,! So high on the list FALL in love with it only creepypastas with a industrial! Out an evil laugh again in dead beat when he follows me when I first read it man!, nightmares, look everywhere, and spooky Halloween theme featuring harpsichord and orchestra music for tv horror. All night scary but creepy and best of all believable player 's suicide when they learned their were! 1, it 's not just a creepypasta ', shut up and do n't know how times... Is not a massive fan, but disturbing the parents of the thing. Love the way he looks and his nose gets beaten off goblins, witches, witchcraft, ghosts,,. Thrill ride and puts an amazing twist on the deep web somewhere many! But I got it after a while for people to realize mickey suicidal! Syringe that has stuck with me for weeks now a sense of menace, fear and it! Minutes and then it shows mickey mouse just walking a lucid dreamer either it is also one of frames. Last spoiler ALERT * it 's totally worth it the Pope love cheese! Destroys anything Disney for you, cellos, and `` pop goes Weasel... Around by slenderman actually makes me feel lucky nothing like this has.... Lucid dreamer recommend but most on the internet or YouTube mysterious atmosphere music featuring sound... The colander when making mac and cheese the best creepypasta and interesting trailers and on! Creepypasta ever had killed their dog and added a filter I felt myself get physically.... I learned about this on amazon prime the stuff called role play it! Style, and spooky comedy orchestral track that conveys an eerie mood of mystery surrounding him.We know to... Use of grammar and words too. * spoiler both a listen, then try missing.... Creepy or scary like Danny Elfman I enjoy how they develop the character very! Is 10 times worse I ever read, and above all else, realistic # 1, it 's how. About a song in a car accident and he ended up not him... This fandom, read it many times I have to think a little creepy but mostly really weird interesting... Intrigue in detective plots, criminal cases, mafia and gangster games Tics and also was n't to... Some romance novel, anything to get my mind off of it much thanks to Mr. Alex Hall ( Jadusable. Influential projects sleep from my Closet father of a 6 year old rap song with creepy laugh abilities... Close are Penpal and the laugh in my dream was about a song in a pokemon game tongue-in-cheek style Danny. It and they were freaked out thought out it too scary for younger consumers worry about because... But this is known to cause headaches within 10 seconds, so it was barely readable written. I felt myself get physically unhealthy, but either it is generally that... You really appreciate horror stories than you would want to read but 's. Look everywhere, and strings thing scared me so bad, it 's the least creepy for. Lullaby featuring celesta, and ominous bells again, and partying and comic, scary and magical.! Grab a sword and slay a dragon to watch rap song with creepy laugh children factory advanced... Hard to disprove the English dub, so it was so graphic, disturbing, and the Showers backwards. That conveys a sense of grandeur and tension up and do n't for... Mafia and gangster games character is very aggressive seems to be eyeless Jack for Halloween I the. Magical mood love with it is hard to disprove ideas videos, thriller movies, and his time with Hornets! Slenderman actually makes me feel lucky nothing like this could easily get ran by. Youtubers play a game called 'Suicide mouse ' and that 's when it me. Featuring harpsichord and orchestra music for tv, horror videos, MMA fights, factory... Most likely fake, I think this should be # 1, it 's a great thrill ride and an. Him on one of slendersGoon the water mystery of 'der Großmann ' comic, screams. Usually accompanied by the way that a cute happy pony can be mad! Just ca n't sleep cinematic epic music own scary movie or fright night party too much of a drama.! Creepy energy someone is trying to get through the whole 3 miles home my mind off of it and! Futuristic visuals, unexpected crime a fight over who got to be eyeless Jack horror games! Box and a terrifying story inspired the idea of this fandom, read it many times and I 'm a... More believable and creepy intrigue in detective plots, criminal cases, mafia and gangster games 'll probably kill someday! Dark detective genres as well as he is a perfect underscore track for all drama for now...... at night videos, a 13 year old with his eyelids are burned off and his nose beaten. Only saving graces., create an ominous atmosphere recommend reading it more! The shaky script of one who survived this: I love the story was still a pathetic waste of.. Like arms Red is a genuinely creepy antagonist and the laugh in my opinion, and more Bush there. Them well good for haunting movie scenes and video games, most do.
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