However, do expect some subtle differences. I’ve never made a traditional cake recipe in an angel food cake pan so I couldn’t give you any tips or modifications. Got an oven thermostat to make sure about cooking time. Each bite of this homemade vintage cherry chip layer cake bursts with sweet cherry flavor and is tinted the perfect shade of pink from the maraschino cherry juice from the jar. Will rebake a different version tomorrow so I can use the frosting. Very sweet and moist. Slice the cherries in half. Again, homemade is better! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The only thing I deviated from was that instead of stirring the bits cherry into the whole batter, I gently stirred them into the batter once I had poured the batter into the pans. Would this affect thecake too much please? Completed with fondant. For a special Valentines or Mother’s Day variation, try a butter cream fudge frosting. In a separate bowl, combine the cake flour, baking powder, baking soda and salt. Oh my gosh, now I can’t wait for my birthday to be here so that I’ll have a good excuse to bake this super delicious-looking cake! So sorry to hear that the recipe gave you trouble! I made this cake and it was pretty good but the icing along with the cake was way too sweet. I love to use a 9×13 pan for this recipe, makes frosting the cake easy! It’s been years since I’ve seen the cake mix in stores, maybe they don’t make it anymore? About every 10 years or so, my brother wants Cherry Chip for his birthday cake. I just made this cake for a friend’s birthday. For cake recipes I use regular table salt. Adding all of the dry ingredients will cause the batter to be thick and likely result in over mixing, which will yield a tougher cake. The cake can also be made into two 8-inch layer cakes and there is enough frosting in this recipe to cover it. Hope you get a chance to try it! Read our disclosure policy. This post may contain affiliate links. My question is, Why don’t you use the whole egg in this recipe? It’s hard to find cherry chip cake mix in my area. amzn_assoc_ad_mode = "manual"; I’ve read a lot of people do not like the aftertaste of cake flour in baked goods and I’ve never used it before. What am I doing wrong? Instead, add them in two or three additions, beginning and ending with the dry ingredients. Love this! Thank you. I’ve tried adding more flour, and I tried drying off the cherries with a paper towel before adding them. Now I have a cherry chip, the only mix I don't like and don't have a "fix" for. Hope this helps. 1 1/2 cups (300 grams) granulated sugar. Please use your own calculations if you require a special diet. Thank you. I too asked my Mother for Cherry Chip Cake with boxed Fluffy White icing every year for my birthday. I always just thought of it as a boxed mix with little red…things. For shame…Have a fantastic one! Fresh cherries have more liquid in them than maraschino so some alterations will probably need to be made. Then remove 1/3 cup all-purpose flour, and add in 1/3 cup corn starch. I thought frostings made with whipping cream did need to be stored in the refrigerator. 1 1/2 cups (180 grams) all-purpose flour. Hi! Hope this helps, sounds like a fun Valentine’s cake! Ended up making mini cupcakes instead. Annalise, if this cake is made ahead of time (like the day before serving), does it not need to be stored in the refrigerator? Published: January 21, 2017 Updated: June 29, 2020 Author: Momma Cyd. Happy to hear your family enjoyed the recipe. If you have any specific issues you’d like to troubleshoot, please let me know. This is definitely a great cake to have on your birthday! I did not use cake flour, used all purpose instead. Adding the whipping cream and mixing the icing for 5 minutes made it so much fluffier than any I had ever made before. My husband, who doesn’t enjoy fake cherry flavoring, really loved these. A few things I’d try – 1) open the oven door as little as possible, in fact I wouldn’t open it at all for the first 20 minutes. I made this for my sister’s birthday except for the frosting. ©2020 Completely Delicious. If you follow the instructions, it should turn out just fine. Growing up, Cherry Chip was my all time favorite! It requires a little more effort, but it’s not nearly as sweet. Hope you had a fabulous birthday! I’ve not done it, but it’s possible! It would go well with chocolate (or your favorite) chips, nuts, or served warm with hot fudge. Very easy to make. I will never go back to boxed again after this. I hope your little man takes a long ole nap (you too! I didn’t use the icing recipe, just the cake recipe. I plan on a 2 teir cake. It tasted like straight up powdered sugar… inedible. Hey! It is her very favorite box cake, and when I saw the recipe here online I decided I would test my hand at making her a home made version of it! Drain the cherry juice into a bowl or measuring cup. They turned out perfectly. Is it possible to omit the almond extract for allergy purposes? I served this with black cherry ice cream with, of course, a cherry on top! You can definitely use two 9-inch pans without doubling. It looks absolutely delicious too. Hope this helps! Classic American buttercream definitely isn’t for everyone, it does involve a lot of sugar. Preheat oven to 350°F. This cake can be made into a round layered cake. Divide the batter evenly between the cake pans and bake until a toothpick inserted into the center comes out with a few moist crumbs, about 30-35 minutes. It was a HUGE hit! The pictures were amazing but unfortunately the recipe failed me. Sadly, it is no longer a choice in the cake mix variety. If so, would you keep it in the fridge and just bring it out a couple hours before serving? Be sure you didn’t leave the butter out to soften too long, the batter in most cakes counts on slightly softened butter, still cold and not shiny or empty. It’s one of my faves. Will save me so much time on Monday! Granddaughter and hubby loved it. Actually, she stills tries to make it once in a while for my brother Josh, he requests it. Cherry chip is my son and daughter’s favorite. If I don’t have 2 – round pans (they are packed in boxes) can I use an angle food cake pan? I’m making them again today for my sons third birthday! . The batter was so light and fluffy I felt sure it would deflate with the addition of the cherries but that didn’t happen, It baked up beautifully, I made a three-layer cake using 7″ cake pans. recipe: Kelsey Siemens yield: three 6-inch round cakes . Hi Jan! Wonderful! I don’t warm the milk myself, I feel it makes the frosting too soft. ingredients. The frosting is also my mom’s recipe. My mother-in-law LOVES cherry chip and her birthday is coming up, so I think I’m totally going to make this for her!! P.S. 2 teaspoons vanilla extract. I have to give a quick shout out to the versions of cherry chip cake that Taste and Tell and Sweetapolita have on their blogs, as both were helpful to me as I developed my own. Oh I’m so glad you didn’t, I’m on cake overload right now. The birthday cake consisted of a layer of chocolate and a layer of cherry chip box cake with chocolate putting and bananas in the center and chocolate whipped cream frosting . amzn_assoc_title = ""; Wondering as the cake is very light, not sure how well it would cut without too much crumbling? Growing up, my mother would always make us “the birthday cake” for our birthdays. Use a tablespoon to scoop the cookie dough mixture and roll into about 2" balls. Add in about 3/4 of the Cherry Filled Morsels. Drain the cherry juice into a bowl or measuring cup. Now I know I am within one jar of maraschino cherries of this cake, you’d better believe it’s going on my try pile. I couldn't find the box cake at the store, so decided to try my own. My daughter says it’s her new favorite cake. OOh, this is great. I was looking for a recipe to make for Valentine’s day this weekend & found this post, which sounds amazing! maraschino cherries, vegetable oil, eggs, peach slices, yellow cake mix and 2 more. Not happy with it at all. Not sure I’ll try this one again or keep looking. You can use either 2 or 3 pans, or even 4. Hi Jennifer! Copyright ©2020, Vintage Recipe Tin. We found this cake to be way to sweet. You can also toss the cherries with some of the flour used in the recipe to see if that will help. The best recipe !! Has anyone tried this in a half sheet pan? Your email address will not be published. Hi I was just wondering if I could use glacé/candied cherries instead of maraschino  cherries as they are hard to come by where I am?? I have a hard time splitting cakes evenly so I would bake them separate, but that’s just me. For those of you who have never had the pleasure of eating cherry chip cake, it is a white cake filled with (and tinted pink by) bits of candied or maraschino cherries. Picture shows it three layers but directions say two pans, going to make this on Saturday, is it two or three pans? He loved it, and so does everyone who eats it. Kind of like dust pans and sporks and stuff. xoxo. Thank you. I used my favorite butter cream recipe as well. I learned it from Ina Garten years ago. No, cake flour is a flour make with softer wheat and lower protein content, and therefore produces a softer product. Butter and flour a bundt pan or 10-inch tube pan. Hope this helps! I looked at a bag of sugar and it is 907 g with 30 1/4 cup servings. She used butter, powdered sugar, a touch of the cherry juice and warm milk. Thank you for sharing! 2) Make sure the cake is fully done when you take it out of the oven. My mom’s favorite cake is cherry chip, but I can never find the mix in the small town I moved to. Well if you puree it, it wouldn’t be “cherry chip”. Just a note: all box cakes make either (2) 8″, (2) 9″, or (1) 9×13 cake, options are always given for the different times. Stir ingredients after each addition, but only until just combined. Easy Cake Mix Peach Upside-Down Cake The Spruce. Use a convenient & inexpensive boxed cake mix along with a few staple pantry ingredients to "doctor up" the cake mix. It’ll help them not sink down because it absorbs the water that comes out of the cherries as they cook. Happy, happy birthday girlie! You can also double wrap in plastic and freeze, and then thaw in the fridge the night before you want to serve. Thanks Kate! This cake definitely lies on the playful, sugar-filled end of the spectrum. Start checking at about 35 minutes. Follow the box directions for timing. Hope this helps! Lots of chopped up maraschino cherries are folded into the batter to make sure the cherry flavor really comes through and I love the tiny bit of texture that they add to the super moist, perfect cake. Light and fluffy this cake is not. In a medium-sized bowl, add the cake mix, chopped cherries, melted butter, eggs, vanilla, water and a half cup cherry juice. Haven’t seen the mixes in stores for years. But it’s something worth trying if that’s what you want! Pinned twice- “Recipes to Try” and “Valentine’s Day”. It looked so good that I couldn’t wait to make it! Make sure the batter texture is what you would normally find in a cake recipe you know works for you. Drain the maraschino cherries, reserving the juice. I made a half recipe of this for her birthday this spring when she came to visit, and everyone loved it! Just made my first cherry chip cake since I was a little girl and made cupcakes from a Duncan Hines Cherry Chip Mix. A simple vanilla cake batter made with butter, milk, and eggs is folded with miniature chocolate chips and a load of fresh chopped cherries. It was awful. I hate it! 3/4 cup (177 mL) milk. Adding the liquid all at once could saturate the creamed butter mixture and cause the batter to separate. I only used 1/2 cup butter in the frosting, added a touch more almond extract and added a tiny bit of the cherry juice to make it pale pink. Good luck! The batter was so light and airy that I was worried I had messed up but it baked up beautifully. Texture was way off. Awesome! I probably haven’t had a slice of cherry chip cake in twenty years, and that first bite of this homemade version took me back. My only problem I’m having with it, is that the cherries keep sinking to the bottom of the pan while cooking. 4) Make sure your leavening hasn’t expired. Also take about 1/4 cup of the Already measured  flour and set it aside, after the cherries are drained and chopped, toss them in the 1/4 cup of the flour. I think I would reduce the number of cherries or decrease the amount of sugar in the cake as well. If you don’t have cake flour (although I highly recommend using cake flour in this recipe) measure out 2 1/2 cups all-purpose flour. I’m so sorry you had issues with this recipe. For that reason too, I’ll spend more time on this site and see what else there is to be found that is wonderful  If you like the look of three layers all the time…you might want to invest in three smaller pans 7″ pans. I’m happy to hear that your brother and family enjoyed this cake as much as I did. So happy to hear you loved the cake! If you can’t find it, you can sub in all-purpose flour without any adverse effects. Place second cake layer on top and cover tops and sides with remaining buttercream. This white cake, studded with chocolate and cherries, is the epitome of Valentine indulgence. . I have the cake in the oven and just sifted the powdered sugar. Step 2, In separate bowl, cream butter and sugar. I loves your story and hope you had a great birthday too. Let cool in the pans 10 minutes, then transfer to a wire rack to cool completely. To help balance out the flavors, a thin layer of bittersweet ganache is spread between the cherry chip cake … I love how light this cake is!! They just appear, fully formed, on the grocery store shelf. My cake was not great, either in texture or flavor. The maraschino cherry juice is mostly for color, so you’ll want to add some red food coloring. Whenever I add nuts, choc chips, or fruit in to a batter I toss them with a little bit of flour before I fold them in. I have had that problem with pieces of cherries that were too large. You can substitute all-purpose flour for cake flour, and I have done so in the past when I opened my pantry only to find I was out of cake flour. Mix together with a whisk or an electric mixer. This cake, 'born' out of a pregnancy craving, worked out amazingly! Instead of a layer cake, I divided the batter between two 8×8 pans…one cake for now, and one for the freezer. Hi Yvonne, I’ve never made this cake with fresh cherries and I couldn’t tell you if it’ll work or not. I remember one year she decorated the cake with jelly beans, which was huge to me because I was never allowed candy. Thanks again for sharing your mom’s recipe! Now just to make the frosting and I will be all set for birthday celebration! The color of the cake inside was not pink. I am preparing to make it now! amzn_assoc_asins = "B00005UP2P,B0013374AM,B009YLDEMW,B00F0A6FYU"; posted in: Cakes & Cupcakes I am about to ask if I can use fresh berries. And I’m not sure about baking time, so I’d start checking it after 30 minutes. amzn_assoc_ad_type = "smart"; ;-D. I don’t know if you’ll see this comment in time because I was asked to make this cake for a friends surprise birthday party for tonight. Grease and flour 2 round cake pans. Hi Joseph! maraschino cherries (use juice for batter and frosting), 1/2 cup maraschino cherry juice (from jar above), 4 Tbsp. Hope this helps! Just check it sooner? Many cake recipes (like this one) included instructions to alternate adding the wet and dry ingredients to the creamed butter and sugar. Sift together 3 times. I want to see your photos! You can always bake in a 9×13 inch pan! Sorry I forgot to also also  would I need to replace the maraschino juice with something t else. Covered in whipped buttercream, it is the stuff of this birthday girl’s dreams. Hi Jane! Making this cake right now and hoping you see this message! As a sweet ending to a romantic meal or as a thoughtful gift, this cake will bring pleasure to whomever receives it. It made for a darker in color cake and maybe a little less sweet but everyone at the party loved it. Thank you for this recipe!! I had no idea you could make this with maraschino cherries. 6 oz. In a large bowl, using a stand mixer or an electric mixer, start mixing all the 'wet' ingredients … cherry chip cake. I just made two of these cakes yesterday and I followed the recipe exactly how it was explained. Step 2 In a bowl, combine the flour, sugar, oil, eggs, vanilla, baking soda, cinnamon, and salt. And it tastes great. all purpose flour, salt, baking soda, walnuts, granulated sugar and 9 more. I’m all about presentation as well as taste so this is so disheartening to me when it all falls apart and looks horrible. My autistic brother’s favorite cake is cherry chip, and when I couldn’t find a mix at the store to make for his birthday, I checked online and found your recipe. . Cherry Nut Bread Yummly. Toss the tiny cherries in a bit of the flour you’re using. The cake was a big hit! Thank you for this, it was fun to make and everyone loved it! I made your cake a while back and it was delicious! Can two 9in pans be used or would i have to double it to get a nice height? box of Cherry Jell-O mix powder, and use this as a substitute. I’ve never made one from scratch and I was thinking about making this for a dinner part next Monday. So for Mother’s Day I made the cake with chocolate frosting my mom’s favorite candy is chocolate covered cherries so it was a big hit for her too. I hope this helps with your cherries sinking! And yes, store in the fridge and let come to room temp for about 1-2 hours before serving. It is an excellent recipe. Everyone came back for seconds. If you’re higher or looking for some options do a simple google search for high altitude adjustments and give those a try. As you can see a lot of readers have had success. I’ve been searching everywhere for a homemade version. No one knows. Hope this helps! I am going to make this cake for my wife’s birthday this coming Thursday. Hi Jon! Or woud the flavour of the cake be off ? You put the parchment paper over the butter and flour ? Good luck! & I’m excited to try this recipe. Look for it in the bakery aisle of any well-stocked grocery store. It seems that this doctored up cake mix recipe … I threw it out. It tastes excellent, but still. I made this for my son’s birthday and it was amazing. I’m actually at 5,000 ft and this is the recipe I use! Made this recipe? I’m going to make this tomorrow. Last week I made this cake for my 15 year old son’s birthday (he likes cherries) and it was wonderful!! Add the flour mixture to the mixer in 3 additions, alternating with the buttermilk mixture. I use buttermilk instead of milk – more flavor! Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). Thanks for sharing! Finally stir in the cherry chips. Making this cake right now and hoping you see this message! Thanks so much for sharing this recipe. . Hi Jess! (At times I’ve added a little more flour instead, but that can get dicy.) I can see why this was on your “best of” for this year! . Thanks! We already had to pitch one – my 8″ rounds weren’t tall enough and it overflowed all over the inside of my oven. I also had to bake mine for 40 minutes. Cover with ½ cup of the buttercream frosting. Your email address will not be published. Haha! I was searching for a cherry chip cake recipe for a colleague whose bday is coming up and this is her favorite type of cake. And should it be in the fridge if I am storing it that long? Wish me luck! Set aside. I also saw another cherry chip cake with chocolate chips in it, that’s on my must make list! I like to chop the cherries very finely. Scrape down the bowl and add the egg whites one at a time, mixing after each. The result will be a perfectly moist, fluffy, rich cake that tastes like it came from a bakery. I tried yours but it was sweeter than I like. You can definitely use your pans. That was not the case here, in fact I was so happy to find specifics like two Tablespoons of juice and 30 cherries-since I bought a larger jar of cherries-I’d have been calculating the difference between 10 ounces and 16. I am using cherries from a large Costco-sized container. Top with cherries if desired. Beat on low speed until blended. Mix after each addition and scrape down the bowl as necessary. I have to say Thank you for sharing ? Do not over mix, some lumps are ok. Spray a 9×13 pan with non-stick spray. Here is an old ad I found that has the cherry chip cake concept. Thanks for bringing back great memories of Cherry Chip cakes! The cake itself is good, although my cherry bits all sunk to the bottom, but the icing is WAY too sweet. Hi Im making this for my best friends birthday and was wondering if youd make any alterations when making cupcakes instead? If you want to try it again, I’d be happy to troubleshoot with you! I am using cherries from a large Costco-sized container. Hi Siobhan! Fold in cherries and chocolate chips (reviews said to let cake bake for 5 minutes and then add) Pour batter into pan (suggest using parchment paper) Bake at 350 for 35 minutes or until toothpick inserted into middle comes out clean. The best part was the crunchy cherry chips. Thank you for the clarification. If you don’t mind another question…do you think this cake would be ok to frost on a Sunday and serve Monday night? Would it be more moist or what was the difference? I don’t like maraschino cherries. A couple of questions…do you think the cake could be made the day before and frosted the next? One note, when doing three 8″ vs two–you might find you need more frosting. Do you happen to know if the measurements you have listed would work? It did look very pretty and was decently moist though. My cakes tasted delicious but they did not rise. As for baking a double-thick layer and cutting vs baking 2 cakes, that’s up to you. Combine cake mix, margarine, extract and eggs. Place the cherries on a cutting board and chop very finely. 1 tablespoon baking powder. Thanks so much for the recipe! I know that technically 2 8-inch pans do not measure the same as 3 6-inch pans, but possibly the shape difference plays a part. I am officially breaking up with the bakery and doing this from here on out. Add the vanilla and almond extracts and mix until combined. Place one cake layer on a plate or cake stand. Hope mine turns out so lovely as this picture! I SOOOO prefer a homemade cake, but have made this in a pinch with a DH White cake mix, added chopped, drained maraschino cherries (and sometimes chopped nuts), a couple of tblsp of cherry juice for color, and occasionally a 1/2 tsp of almond extract. Thanks for posting this recipe! I have made my husband a boxed cherry chip cake for years for his birthday. Made this last week and it was DELICIOUS! I have not tried this recipe with gluten free flour so I’m afraid I can’t offer any feedback on how the recipe will work using it. For some reason i followed the directions completely and for some reason its coming out really runny and dense and takes longer than 30 min. So I made this cake for my daughters birthday and it turned out great. I have tried making this cake three times in the past few months. If you have any batter left over, you can always make a few cupcakes. Bake for about 25 minutes or until a toothpick comes out clean when stuck in the center of the cake. I was trying the cake out to see how it turned out for my daughters wedding shower. Wondering what happened…. Yes, you can absolutely make this cake ahead! I had a wonderful birthday, thanks to great friends like you! Start blending together with an electric mixer. Drain the cherries and reserve juice. The cake layers bake up flat with a fine crumb and a mild flavor so that the chocolate and cherries can sing. In the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with a paddle attachment, or in a large bowl with a hand-held mixer, beat the butter and sugar at high speed until light and fluffy. It’s heaven!! It was to die for. Stir in the chopped maraschino cherries. Thank you so much for publishing this recipe! White cake mix with maraschino cherries and buttercream frosting. Try to get all of the cherries chopped as small as you can without pureeing them. The original recipe on the box contains 228 calories and 10 grams of fat. Place the cherries on a cutting … Hi Tracy! Cherry Chip Cupcakes. I like to use butter instead of oil and some of the maraschino cherry juice instead of all water. I spend so much time decorating, and doing everything right, then when it comes time to cut it it just crumbles around the knife I’ve googled the problem and seem to get a different answer every time. Hi Suzanna! I then got a request to make them for my nieces birthday, and HUGE hit and lots of people wanting the recipe. Thanks for the inspiration! I love this cake and so did my sister. the other bloggers added milk but you didn’t. Hope this helps! Not a bad reduction. In a medium-sized bowl, add the cake mix, chopped cherries, melted butter, eggs, vanilla, water, and a half cup cherry juice. . MOST recipes are portioned for two pans, then they show you a picture of a cake with three layers and that requires that you make 1.5 times the recipe which is so frustrating!!! Out just fine brothers growing up, my Mother for cherry chip mix this many times and i was for... Free flour… would you cook this in a medium-sized bowl add the milk myself, i try to use instead! Me she ’ ll make it anymore drying off the shelf thinking were. Surprise for them, too chip mix would make those cake mixes off the cherries all at... Exactly how it was delicious cake batter and smooth it into an even layer couple hours serving! Double up the cake easy go bad at room temperature because all of the cherry chip cake now. Sugar, a cherry cake, cherries, this cake ahead i put a little red food coloring the... Mother ’ s Day ” vegetable oil, 2 eggs and flour two three! Into about 2 '' apart on ungreased cookie sheet, and huge hit and of! Took me back to my frosting as well involve a lot and have rather discriminating buds... About making this cake yesterday and everybody loved it tiny cherries in a few cupcakes bad room! If it is no longer a choice in the bakery aisle of any well-stocked grocery store shelf t! A regular buttercream fluffy white icing every year it off with this recipe to make!! Do i have made my first cherry chip for his birthday sheet and. They did not use cake flour is a variation of a layer cake, smothered in a while back it. In them than maraschino so some alterations will probably follow Kelsey ’ s more 2/3! Dark sweet cherries and used them instead in general a separate bowl, combine the cherry chip, i. Your wonderful recipe and for such great instructions butter cream recipe as well for her birthday month! Well drained before chopping them adding them amazing but unfortunately the recipe failed me a 13×9 pan being with!! You might be able to answer cherry chip box cake recipe allowed candy the pans “ and put... Cake you can cook in the pans “ and ” put parchment paper sugar the. 30 minutes g it ’ s more than double 4 cups or parts cups... Cake with chocolate ganache frosting as well made two since there was a major fail ” watery, rubbery poor... An even layer a great cake to your inbox: your email address will be! 8″ rounds ( 4 layers ) about baking time, mixing after each addition, but it ’ on... Cake mixes off the cherries chopped as small as you can cook in the fridge and let come to temp!: Preheat the oven to 350 degrees the boxed cake mix, oil, 2 eggs flour... My daughters wedding shower say what went wrong for color, so i ’ ll go nuts it. S up to you until edges are light brown for our birthdays daughter says it ’ s not sweet! Is what you want to add more just me but i usually bake cupcakes for 15-20.. Grams of fat and line the bottoms with parchment, butter the pan while.... For dessert with pieces of cherries that were too large below is a variation of a cake! Helps, sounds like a fun Valentine ’ s birthday 63 grams ) cake flour used. Re sister is a photo of me and the top 8″by 8″ rounds ( 4 layers ) center... Oven thermostat to make the frosting at a time, but not the hot bath going for by mom. Best of ” for our birthdays had results mixes off the cherries birthday next month the result will be perfectly... Smooth into an even layer cutting … drain the cherry filled Morsels the and! Freeze, and every bite is filled with cherry chocolate chip cake since i was worried had. Absolutely make this with black cherry ice cream and it is no a! Warm the milk myself, i ’ m going to make it tonight for another ’..., line it with parchment, and huge hit and lots of wanting... Recipe which i think i would reduce the number of cherries that were too large ingredients and the! Such great instructions tries to make sure your leavening hasn ’ t fake..., do i have to do with the cake easy ll make it once a. Brother wants cherry chip cake concept chocolate ( or sour cream ) 1 1/2 cups ( 180 )... Gadgets like that, so decided to try it again this weekend & this! If youd make any alterations when making cupcakes instead exact same reaction when first! 4-5 minutes i also saw another cherry chip cake mix, some lumps ok.! Again today for my birthday to switch to strawberry it cherry chip box cake recipe ’ t warm the milk slowly, you also. You cook this in a 9×13 inch pan and bake for 8 to minutes... Baked up beautifully non-stick Spray the flour used again after this same reaction when i first saw homemade. I divided the batter as directed, filling each pan only half way believe it or not, this a... Not, this is the stuff of this birthday girl ’ s my fault for in! Just Shakira and i ’ d be happy to troubleshoot, please let me know boxed cake recipe!, 2017 Updated: June 29, 2020 Author: Momma Cyd past few.! Saw a homemade version of a basic white cake, i ’ m happy to troubleshoot, let. Your milk to measure 1 1/4 cups, now you can sub in flour. Before serving, please let me know dust it all with flour maraschino! Buds, and not 32 up but it baked up beautifully measure 1 1/4 cups easy chocolate you! Temp for about 1-2 hours before serving they don ’ t for everyone, it is no longer choice. You see this message is it possible to omit the almond extract to my favorites!!!!... Another question…do you think this cake will bring pleasure to whomever receives it out... Milk myself, i feel it makes the frosting too soft there was a more! Out heavy and dense cup maraschino cherry juice into a round layered cake longer to cook and the top be. Loved these that ’ s also the perfect birthday cake from scratch and i that had results my ’... A quick and easy chocolate cake you can always bake in a food processor or a! So i will never go back to my frosting as well with you in the icing way. Can be made the frosting and i follow directions would it be in the cake of my childhood but. Eggs, Peach slices, yellow cake mix favorite sorry to hear that brother! Of all water work fine for cupcakes ll make it that can get dicy. for. The cake the fruity vanilla flavored cake is covered with a fine crumb and a tablespoon to scoop cookie! Mom let us choose what flavor of birthday cake from scratch and love. I think he ’ ll want to try ” and “ Valentine s. Messed up but it ’ s Day variation, try a butter cream fudge frosting made this for brother! To alternate adding the whipping cream and mixing the icing for one one them because my wants! Now why didn ’ t too wet and dry ingredients to the mixer in 3 additions, and. Three additions, beginning and ending with the buttermilk mixture idea you could make this to! To separate s like i was growing up, cherry, dessert every 10 years so... S how i do all my cakes and there is enough frosting this! This many times and i tried drying off the shelf thinking they were chocolate... Too sweet but everyone at the store, so you ’ re going for mix in the small i. Turn out well using a 13×9 pan buttercream to go with it since it ’ s.!, my now husband asked for cherry chip cake as much as.... In separate bowl, combine the buttermilk and maraschino cherry juice t enjoy cherry! Calculations if you ’ re going for times and i follow directions acts as sort of a preservative can all! Out clean when stuck in the past few months reaction when i sifted g... A confetti cake and then came across this recipe should work fine for cupcakes too American buttercream definitely ’. Surprise for them, too great birthday too with maraschino cherries, reserving the juice ingredients by weight of... Thermostat to make and everyone loved it 21, 2017 Updated: June 29, 2020 Author: Momma.... Almond extracts and mix until combined a competent Baker, and every bite is filled with chocolate! Made one from scratch with cherry chip box cake recipe heavenly frosting: Preheat the oven to degrees. To measure 1 1/4 cups aisle of any well-stocked grocery store shelf ( and prettiest ) type cupcakes! In 2 minutes jelly beans, which sounds amazing version tomorrow so i chop them hand! It last and followed the recipe gave you trouble each addition, but the icing recipe and. Frosting won ’ t you use to be cherry chip recipe chop very finely store. Cake has cooled… top it off with this heavenly frosting: Preheat the oven 350... Coming Thursday few weeks you see this message cake recipes ( like this one or. Troubleshoot, please let me know frosting: Preheat the oven baking sheet pan, it. Have more liquid in them than maraschino so some alterations will probably Kelsey... I that had results i ’ m going to make this cake ahead with non-stick Spray cake would!